Friday, January 7, 2011

Stocking Exchange 2010

We hosted the annual stocking exchange party at our house this year. I briefly reread my post from last year's party and was pleasantly surprised by my reference to the "wonderful new men my friends would have in their lives at future stocking parties". Because we had a new addition this year, and he IS wonderful! Heidi's boyfriend Paul rounded out what we called the "men's lounge" this year (which sadly, was not captured on camera by me). Essentially the men all ended up sitting around the dining table drinking winter ale while the ladies sipped champagne cocktails in the living room and opened presents together. My prediction of Edie chasing Darrah and Matt's baby boy was a bit premature - Reid is only 8 months old afterall- but they did play together, which was so cute it about broke my heart. A few photos from the night:

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heidio said...

Thanks for that post, Jill. I love that picture of me and Edie with a book. I might have to steal it.