Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Santa and Edie

This video is old news, having been taken over a month ago. I meant to post it BP (before the plague) but I've decided it's still worth documenting because it marks the week that two obsessions began.

Obsession #1: Edie talking about herself in the third person. This was taken the week she learned to say her own name and since then she takes every opportunity to point to herself and say her name. In particular, she likes to use it in place of the word "mine"; pointing at my lunch/toy/socks/what have you and saying "Mommy's" and then pointing at her own and saying "Edie". Knowing what belongs to whom is very important these days.

Obsession #2: Santa. We got a Raffi CD for Christmas, which at first was the best source of nostalgia I could think of. I would sing along to every song and be amazed by the fact that after 25 years, I still remembered the lyrics. Then I grew tired of Raffi. (Sorry Raffi). But not Edie. After every song and before the next one begins, she yells, "MO MO MO" (more more more). She literally cannot wait the 3 seconds between songs for her next Raffi fix. In particular she is consumed with need for the song "Must be Santa" and actually has started singing along with a few parts - the "ho ho ho" part and when the kids sing along and repeat "must be Santa" she frequently gets in there and says "Sata" at roughly the right time (while swaying side to side in a ridiculously sweet manner). I'm not sure what to do with this seasonally inappropriate obsession, so for now I'm indulging it when I can stomach listening to a children's Christmas song in January 3 times consecutively while sort of hoping it will fade over the next week or two. Do you think if I start playing something like James Taylor I could trick her into thinking it's a new Raffi album?

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katherine said...

Since the Raffi CD is officially my fault, I will start on a new EDIE friend MIX for you tonight. :)