Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 13

We are now closing lucky Day #13 of this plague. I don't want to curse myself (again) and say that we are finally on the mend for fear that I'll wake tomorrow with chicken pox, or something else that only people under 12 are supposed to get. I'm pleased to report that my pink eye is more or less healed. I'm also defensively feeling that I need to point out that my pink eye was never of the disgusting, crusty variety, but rather a viral version resulting from my epic cold/flu. My eye was no less pink though.

So here we are. Day 13. Edie is still a bit of a hot mess, going on day 2 of antibiotics after discovering yesterday at the pediatricians that she has an ear infection (a result of her lengthy cold). I will say though that she was in better spirits for most of today (excepting 45 minutes of whiny crying midday) and it's such a relief to have her giggling and teasing again. This business of her spending all day laying around and staring into the middle distance was VERY disturbing. I'm still sick with this cold, Jeff is sick now too and the chorus of coughing fits in our house at night continues, but I think we are both trying hard to pull ourselves out of this because DUDES, we are BORED. In the midst of this illness, we have canceled meetings, my book club, mom's night out, Darrah's birthday dinner, work, date night/babysitter, and two playgroups. All that said, we were just remarking tonight over dinner that we've weathered this isolation with only a touch of cabin fever and almost no frustration with each other. Pretty remarkable that neither of us is ready to murder the other given that we've been sleep deprived and trapped with each other and no one but a cranky baby for company. Whenever we start to feel too sorry for ourselves, we like to watch a video we took of Edie "talking" on my cell phone, saying "hellohellohellohello?" in this imitation of a sophisticated voice. And when we ask her who she's talking to? She exclaims, "Gampa!" "Gamma!"


sandralbruton said...

This is Gamma B saying, "this was a relief to read."

lindsey said...

So glad you are feeling better! And love the cell phone story.