Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year slash Birthday

Happy 2011 peoples. And happy birthday husband. Jeffrey turns 35 today and per always, I will be singing "Old Man River" to him in honor of this day. Edie had a sleepover at Toby, Gamma and Guppa's house last night while Jeff and I spent a blissfully child-free night in Vancouver BC. I presented Jeff with his super romantic gift - the dvd of the first season of ThirtySomething. We'd talked about it recently and it seemed fitting, plus, there's nothing we love more than a good tv show on dvd. When coming back to the US today, we had to wait a while at the border, but when we finally made it to the booth, this was our entire interaction:

Dude in the booth(approximate age: 28): What were you doing up there?
Jeff: Sorry?
DITB: Why were you in Canada?
Jeff: For my birthday
DITB: What'd she get you? (referring to me)
Jeff: Umm... a dvd of the show ThirtySomething.
DITB: K, you can go.

We drove away laughing out loud. Was our answer so weird and quasi-embarrassing that he didn't need to know anything more to prove we weren't terrorists?

Also - while driving to Bellingham to pick up Edie on our way back to Seattle, we detoured to Birch Bay for a late afternoon cup of chowder. On our way back to the freeway, while driving a shady county backroad, we passed a field of llamas. I shouted, "Llamas!" and Jeff looked at them for a minute. Then this happened:

Jeff: Man, llamas have some weird posture.
Me: Yeah, I guess. (thinking - I could think of some weirder things about llamas - like that they exist at all, or that people buy them)
Jeff all of a sudden performs a rather forceful and sudden impression of a llamas neck posture that mostly involves him pulling his face back into his neck.
I very seriously respond: "I think it's more like this" and proceed to stick my neck out while simultaneously pulling my chin back.
We drive on in silence for a few minutes before Jeff says: "I think I just hurt my neck."

Dear Jeffrey,
Thanks for being my favorite weirdo.


Meredith said...

ha! Tom and I had essentially the same strange interaction when we came across the border.

Homeland Security: So what were you doing?
Me: We were on vacation.
HS: No. WHAT were you DOING?
Me: Um! We went to the park, and the aquarium, and we walked around...
HS: Do you have anything to declare?
Me: Um, I picked up some shells at the beach!

Also, I also read recently that you can't be denied entrance into your own country, so you don't have to tell them boo when you are coming back in. On the other hand, though, they then give you a raft of hell and can keep you sitting around while they tear your car apart, so there's that.

Chris Coldewey said...

haha - i came here to comment on our own border crossing travails, but i think i hurt my neck while reading the rest of the post and trying out my own llama impression.

anyway, when we came down to the States for Thanksgiving, there was not a big border lineup and everyone in the booths must have been in a good holiday mood. We were taking Obie down for the first time, so we had me driving, Obie in the carseat in the middle of the back, Beth next to him in the right back seat, and Tikka in the front passenger seat with the seatback way back (squooshing Beth) so that she could curl up easier.

The two US border guys in the booth (older dudes straight out of Cheers) took one look at the dog/front seat - wife/back seat situation when we pulled up and said "Now that's just wrong" and started laughing at us.

Happy new year & birthday!