Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A thought crossed my mind today

Before I had kids, situations would arise in which I would have to make a decision. For example-

1. The alarm goes off at the usual time. You didn't sleep very well and you dread the thought of going to work. Do you hit the sleep button while debating whether to call in sick or do you suck it up and get out of bed on time?

2. You know you need to schedule a dentist appointment but you hate dentist. Who doesn't, right? Do you put it off until tomorrow (or the day after that...) or do you call right now and just get it over with?

3. You know you need groceries and you're driving by the grocery store on the way home from work. Problem is, you're super tired, you can see that there aren't any parking spots in the supermarket lot and you're wearing your uncomfortable shoes. All you really want is to get home and put on your elastic waist pants. Do you pull in anyways, park far away, hoof it to the store and get stuff to make a well balanced dinner OR do you drive straight home and eat Annie's Mac and Cheese or Trader Joe's frozen gnocchi for dinner instead?

The thought crossed my mind today that being a parent is sort of like NEVER being able to choose the easy option in any of those scenarios.


Betsey said...

Funny, we were just having this conversation. Between David being sick, Emmi being sick, and me recovering from surgery and also getting sick, we realized there was no easy option of lounging on the couch and riding out the cold. Nope, there's a little one that absolutely cannot make it without us. But, you still put on those elastic waist pants!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

amen to that sister, it is so true!