Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping List for the Pregnant Lady

When you get pregnant you have grand notions of being the first couple ever to not sucker into "the stuff". You picture your house looking just like it does now, but with a cute baby in it. You say things like, "Babies don't need stuff, they're happy to sleep in a drawer!" You hate plastic crap and think most baby products are kind of tacky, right? But then you have the baby and realize that while most of the stuff isn't necessary, some of it is very helpful. Here is a list of the stuff that we use every day (or close to it).

First off, take a trip to Target and buy the following embarrassing items now that you will want for yourself post partum:
Lansinoh nipple cream - because, trust - your nipples WILL hurt. Not forever, but in the beginning.
Breast pads - because the cream will stain your bra and because some women leak.
Witch Hazel astringent - because you can soak a pad in it, freeze the pad and then wear it. It cools and numbs the area through which you just pushed a baby out of.
Tucks pads - basically just witch hazel pads. This is gross, but someone needs to tell you - you won't need them for hemorrhoids (hopefully), but they're good for wiping. Toilet paper isn't so appealing post partum.
Nursing bras for sleeping in - I liked the selection and prices at Target

For the baby (items to get used are in italics):
Vitamin D - you're supposed to give your baby 400 IUs per day and they sell the kind for infants that includes that amount in just one drop. Then you just drop it on your boob or the bottle nipple or your finger.
A baby carrier of your choosing - we personally really like the Ergo (with infant insert), but the Moby is great too, or a ring sling... you decide. Early on when Edie was more fussy, it was sometimes the only thing that would put her to sleep if we strapped her into the carrier and walked around.
A stereo in the nursery has been a life saver for us - but you could make do with a clock radio that's tuned to static.
A good nightlight for whatever room the baby sleeps in. At the start we didn't like to sleep in the pitch black but leaving our bedside light on was too bright.
Kidopottomus Swaddleme (ie; baby straight jacket - it's easier than a swaddling blanket and fastens with Velcro so baby can't get loose!) or swaddle blanket (the Dwell Studio ones from Target aren't quite big enough for a good swaddle, I recommend The Swaddle Blanket brand or Aiden and Anais brand)
Newborn sized diapers and alcohol free wipes
Diaper Genie - probably only needed if using disposable diapers, but without it, the poopy diapers are left to stink up the room
California Baby brand baby shampoo and lotion - tests WAY better than other brands for being all natural and free of all the nasty things that Johnson and Johnson products have. I've also heard that Burts Bees makes a good apricot oil instead of lotion, but it has fragrance, where California Baby brand is fragrance free.
Baby bath tub (I use our regular tub and bathe with Edie now, but we used the mini tub for the first month or two)
Crib - and if you plan to have the baby sleep in your room at first, a co-sleeper or Moses basket.
Be warned about using a second hand crib! They just recalled ALL cribs that have a drop-side!
Car seat
Stroller - We just use the cheap Graco brand one that clicks into the same brand car seat. It allows the baby to face you in her car seat, is super light weight and cheap. We'll be graduating to the nice, three wheeler any day now so Edie can face out.
Boppy - I use it every day for nursing.
Changing pad and 2-4 pad covers - we decided against buying an actual changing table and just attached a changing pad to a dresser we already had. No regrets.
Monitor - ours is Avent brand and no complaints so far.
Yoga/exercise ball - good for labor and also great for calming baby. Edie still likes to bounce more than rock.
Bottles and a small can of formula - not necessary, but I was glad we had them just in case when on day 5 or 6 my milk still hadn't come in and we needed to supplement rather quickly. We use Born Free brand bottles with size one nipples and have liked them. They're BPA free and you can sing "BORN FREEEE, free as the wind blows!!" while feeding your baby.
Exergen brand thermometer - these are the best things ever. You just slide it across your baby's forehead and it takes a temperature just as accurate as the rectal thermometer. Except you don't have to stick anything up your baby's butt! I think they sell them at Costco for not very much.

Optional and things you should definitely borrow/inherit/get used:
Bouncy/vibraty seat - Edie hates ours for the most part, but it can come in handy in the bathroom. I use it in the mornings and plop Edie in it facing the shower so I can take a shower and keep an eye on her. Also helpful for setting her in it while you use the bathroom.
Swing - Edie also hates this for the most part, but many babies LOVE it and take all their naps in it.

See? You really do need STUFF. Sad but true.

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Lindsey said...

Thanks for recommending the Born Free bottles. Bina and I went to Target after that and amidst all the many bottle brands I said "Jill told us to get Born Free." And so we did.