Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This and That

Guess who drove to and from Next Months in Madison Park yesterday without crying? Edie Bee! Earth shattering. Nothing short of earth shattering. She also drove all the way to Ballard this afternoon without crying. The way home from Ballard was a slightly different story, but in her defense she made it halfway quietly and then decided she was starving, so I think it was less about the car and more about the fact that she was desperate for food.

We went to a Postnatal yoga class this week for the first time. Which reminds me, did I tell you I dropped out of PEPS? That was my Tuesday Mom's group that I wasn't really feeling. Turns out this will actually open up my Tuesdays so I can continue going to yoga with Edie, so no regrets about being a drop out. Even if I did have an awkward run-in with one of the moms going around Greenlake last week... Yoga was fun - the babies all lay next to you and the teacher takes them if they fuss. Edie actually hung out with Sophie the Giraffe in her mouth for the first 30 minutes and then fussed so I put her in her car seat and bounced it on the yoga ball and she fell asleep for the rest of the class in her seat.
We bought the Nikon camera that everyone recommended and here are some new pics (some from the old camera and some from the new) for your viewing pleasure.

Reading Goodnight Moon (taken tonight) - Can you see her little hands helping me hold the book an turn the pages?! SO COOL.She's looking more and more like Jeff these days:
Our little nudey tooterson Christmas elf:

Edie loves Ladies Bath Night sooo much. She splashes like crazy and you can just tell that she's going to love the kiddie pool this summer. I asked Jeff to take pictures of us in the tub the other night but then proceeded to shriek the entire time, "Don't get me in the pictures!" and "SERIOUSLY, I'll kill you if you get me in the pictures!!"


She fell asleep on the car ride home from Cousin's Christmas (big family gathering every December) in the beautiful blanket Bev made her:
Edie's new play mat, or as Jeff calls it, her "colorful cage". She loves it and I drag it into the kitchen so she can play on the floor while I do dishes and make lunch:


Tib said...

congrats on the quiet car's like your own mini christmas miracle.

She is such a cutie, of course my fav is the one looking most like Jeff.

Betsey said...

Woo-Hoo Edie! Way to ride in the car! Keep it up!

And I love the photo where it appears that she is yelling at Jeff for taking her photo.

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures, particularly Edie as a Christmas Elf.

I was wondering if you, Edie Bee, and Maggie might like to come over to Whidbey one day and hang out with me and Marina? I am going to be up there for a month and would like to see you all.