Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orcas Pictures

We're thinking of treating ourselves to a fancy new camera for Christmas. Our tiny digital camera takes crappy blurry photos without the flash and crappy bright photos with the flash. We tried out Jeff's sister's camera over the holiday weekend and loved it. We're thinking of treating ourselves to one for Christmas this year. We still haven't downloaded the photos from our camera, so some pictures from the ferry ride are missing, but for now, here are some pictures taken using Kathleen's camera.

Kathleen's birthday dinner (happy 30th!):
Snoozing on Grandma:
Hanging out with Uncle Javi:

Jeff with Edie - she fell asleep on her first trip to the beach:

Then she woke up:
Thanksgiving is always at Jeff's Grandpa's house, which now belongs to his uncle and aunt. Here is second cousin Sophie greeting Edie Bee ("Maybe Eeedeeee Beeee wold like to play with my Froggie and my Lamb-y??"):
Thanksgiving Dinner:
Edie chilling the next day with her bumble bee rattle:
Dozing on my lap while I read:
Welcome to Edie's Place, can I offer you a drink? Tonight's special is Enfamil:
Doing our favorite thing to do at the cabin - nothing:


Tib said...

as always so precious. My favorite is the close up of Jeff and Edie Bee "sleeping on the beach".

Looks like ya'll had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Betsey said...

Great shots! We had a Nikon D40 that we treated ourselves to last Christmas. We love it! It takes excellent indoor shots. I'm pretty sure Lindsey had one and loved it too.

Betsey said...

I just did a quick peek this morning, but now coming back for a better look at your little cutie, I got a kick out of the one where she's standing on Javi - it looks like she's striking a runway pose. Also - loving that strawberry hat!

Lindsey said...

Yes, we bought the Nikon D40 two years ago and we love it. Takes fantastic photos!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

That pic of Edie in the hat while she is awake is perfect. Say hello to the next baby supermodel for me! :)