Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

These photos are totally out of order, but I haven't the energy to rearrange.

Maurice got catnip in his stocking which we brought back in this box. In the past we've given him catnip and he's gone a little crazy. Like slap Jeff in the face crazy. We hid the catnip but he was still super pumped to hang out in the box and just enjoy the aroma:
Ooooh... bubble lights
Seriously, how pretty is my baby? Answer: PRETTY.
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....
Toby and Edie do tummy time:
She loved the sound of tissue paper crumpling:
Looking a bit more like a Bruton if I do say so myself:
I would have thought Sophie the Giraffe was overrated, but dude does Edie love her some Sophie.
At our house just before leaving for Bellingham on the 23rd:


heidio said...

Seriously the prettiest baby I've EVER seen. She is lovely. So are you.

Tib said...

She is pretty durn adorable, hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend up north.

Betsey said...

Can't get enough of the picture with Ken and the frog! What a great expression!

Lindsey said...