Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Worth the trip

Well, Bellingham was great fun, but I'll admit that about midway through the drive up there on Friday I had my doubts. Edie still hates the car and her car seat most of the time, so I left Seattle when she fell asleep, hoping that she'd sleep the whole way. Sadly, she woke up about 45 minutes into the drive and was fuming pissed to wake up in the car seat. I exited the freeway no fewer than 4 times to calm her and start over, but finally had to just let her cry it out or I never would have made it to Bellingham. She screamed bloody murder for at least 10 minutes before exhausting herself, and I felt like a terrible Mom for each and every one of those minutes. But once we got to Bellingham, my parents smothered her with attention and I barely had to lift a finger the entire weekend. She slept well in the Pack n' Play they had in the spare room and loved the change of scenery. She also got visits from her Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Javi, Grandma Culver, surrogate Aunt (and champion yoga ball bopper) Kristin, and her great Aunt and Uncle. I have some pictures and an adorable video or two from the weekend that I hope to post here as soon as I have a bit more time.
"I miss Grandma and Grandpa!!"


Betsey said...

Is it wrong that I love crying baby photos so much?

Lindsey said...

Now you have me nervous. We are planning to drive from San Diego to Whidbey next month and I fear how many stops we may have to make. Fortunately, Marina seems to like her car seat and falls asleep pretty easily but that will only get us so far.