Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Standing Practice

Edie's new favorite activity is to practice standing with Jeff. They do this in the bathroom so that she can watch herself stand in the vanity mirror (because her second favorite new activity is to stare at herself in the mirror). They both take practice very seriously. I'll often walk by the bathroom and hear Jeff say, "Aaaand rest..... okay UP!" It's like they're training for the Olympic trials. She won't stop her practice session long enough for me to brush my teeth at the sink, so Jeff just moves her to the side and they watch me brush my teeth (both from a standing position of course). Turns out Edie thinks me spitting out my toothpaste and water after brushing is hilarious. She hadn't laughed for a few days so I was disappointed. But tonight she laughed when I spat into the sink, so I did it again. She laughed so hard it was perhaps the funniest thing ever. We repeated this activity with her giggling every time until she finally lost interest, but boy did those giggles more than make up for the fact that she screamed all the way to our last meeting at First Weeks this morning.

Next week we don't have a meeting for the holidays and when we come back we'll be graduating to the grade up called "Next Months" for 3-6 month old babies. Very exciting! Unfortunately, I don't walk around with the Flip video camera strapped to my hand so I couldn't catch the giggle-fest tonight; instead I offer you this pants-less video of standing practice from last week. Note the adorable birth mark on her right thigh. And the fact that she's wearing socks. But no pants.

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cranky rae said...

You uttering "taa daaaaa" in the background is making me laugh a little.