Monday, November 9, 2009

Giggle Monster

I have much to report but no time to download pictures so the Bellingham update will just have to wait a bit longer. In short - we had a fabulous weekend.

The real reason I'm posting is to quickly report something very exciting - Edie LAUGHED for the first time today! She's been making funny noises while smiling for a while now, but nothing that would count as real laughter. But tonight, while we were hoisting her into the Ergo to walk up to the video store, she looked up at Jeff and me and laughed a real adult-like giggle. Then she did it again! It was SO COOL. Our little dictator is growing up.

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Kathleen said...

Maybe THAT'S what the freakout in the car on the trip north was all about. She was just getting her giggle on.