Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Everything went surprisingly well at Edie's 2 month check up yesterday. She weighed in a little lower than I expected, but still roughly in the 75th percentile at 10 pounds 11 ounces. They make you strip your baby down before plopping her on the scale and the second I pulled her diaper off, she peed all over, so I'm pretty sure she would have weighed 2 ounces more if she'd just held her pee until I'd put a new diaper on her! She's grown an inch this month and measured 23 and a half inches - still in the 95th percentile range. Who knew I'd give birth to such a long, tall sally? Her head also gained a whopping inch and her giant noggin is in the 90-95th percentile. No wonder it took her a while to hold it up - that thing is heavy. Her thrush is finally gone after two different med rounds. In the end, *I* even ended up getting thrush in *my* mouth. Being a genius, I think I "rinsed" Edie's pacifier off with my own mouth when in a rush so I ended up getting medicated as well. At first, they prescribed me meds that would require me to stop breastfeeding, but after researching a little further, they realized that they could just prescribe me the same thing that Edie had taken (but in an adult dose) since she'd already taken it once and keep breastfeeding.

As for the vaccinations, the nurse was super speedy and although Edie screamed bloody murder when being poked, Jeff snatched her up immediately afterwards and she calmed right down. Then she conked out in the car ride home and aside from a touch of the evening fussies, she mostly just slept all night. Aside from the bandaids on her thighs, she seems herself today.