Friday, November 20, 2009

Warning: Massive Quantities of Photos

Hammin it up for the camera:

I can't stop laughing at this photo we took tonight while undressing Edie:Grandpa John:

Looking a wee uncertain:

Aunt Katherine came for a visit this last weekend! She spent many hours swinging Edie around and brainwashing her so as to be the favorite aunt.
We also squeezed in a dinner out sans Edie:
Playing coy in the bed:

Conked out on the yoga ball:
Hand snacking:
Finally enjoying herself a bit in her rocking chair:

This was taken a week or two ago, and it's crazy to me how much older she looks this week in comparison!


Lindsey said...

Love these! Edie is such a doll and can we talk about how truly fantastic you look? It's almost a little annoying that you look so cute and tiny after having given birth 2.5 months ago.

Betsey said...

"Wee Uncertain" is great, but I must admit, I can't get enough of the bedroom photos you guys take - she cracks me up under those covers!