Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Note: May 27, 2009

Our weekend on Orcas was perfect. The weather was amazing, more like August than May. We launched the small boat and Jeff took me out for a spin, the family took a field trip one day to Yellow Island, we ate well and I actually slept better there than I’ve been sleeping at home. Because we are really smart, we forgot our camera, so we’ll just need to wait until Kathleen (sister in law) sends us her photos from the weekend before I can post a few up here. I do, however have some belly shots for your viewing pleasure.

Here is me at the end of week 23, just before I left for DC.

And here I am on Monday of this week, the last day of week 25.

I think the last two weeks have been my biggest growth spurt so far. I’ve now slid into week 26. It’s odd, in some ways this pregnancy seems to drag on and on, but then recently it’s started to zoom by. Sometimes I think about only having 3 months left and I’m panicked by all the things we have left to do, but then knowing me, the next 3 months will feel more like 5. I’ve never been particularly good at feeling uncomfortable. And uncomfortable is exactly how I feel these days. Getting in and out of bed, even rolling from side to side in the night is turning into an activity that requires sound effects (typically grunting from effort, followed by a long suffering sigh). Taking a deep breath isn’t coming as naturally as I’d like either. And Edie has definitely discovered my ribs. Particularly at night, she seems to enjoy lodging some body part or other under one of my ribs and I wake from the discomfort. I tend to get up every hour or two in the night to walk around for a few minutes (thankfully the urgent midnight snacking has subsided) until she repositions herself lower. On Sunday, I actually spent most of the day with what I’m pretty sure was a bruised rib on my right side.

Jeff’s been able to feel the baby’s movements for a month or so, but last night was the first time that he got to feel/witness one of her more dramatic movements – the kind where her knee or elbow jabs out hard and then glides all the way across my belly. I kept trying to describe how strange those movements were but now he finally gets it. It evoked a rather un-Jeff like reaction, causing him to jump to his feet and freak out for a few seconds.
Lastly, I leave you with the Maurice photos of the week:


Anonymous said...

That belly is looking good! What does Maurice think of it? I've been told the 3rd trimester moves at a snails pace, but I'm like you and have been freaking out a bit about how little time there is left to prepare. We just signed up for a birth & beginnings class that starts next week, so things are really starting to happen.

Lindsey said...

You look great! I love that purple dress.

cranky rae said...

Love the purple dress. You look cute.