Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Note: May 19, 2009

As promised, a few photos:

So one night Maurice was feeling particularly sleepy and it dawned on me that this was our big chance. Maurice is not a docile cat and he has the scars from neighborhood fights to prove it. He's never hurt either of us of course (or any of our house guests), but we've also never tried to dress him in human's clothes before. The weird thing was, as soon as I popped the onesie over his head, he went completely limp. We couldn't tell if he just didn't care or if it was a coping mechanism. Either way, I peed my pants laughing, but then felt a little guilty later.

Not as funny, but Spring is finally here! So I took a few pictures of the flowers in our backyard to prove it.

It has been pointed out to me that I’ve been remiss in posting belly shots recently. My trip to DC coupled with some really unflattering photos of late has caused the delay. Oh, and I’m also super sick. That cold I came down with last week at the end of my trip is lingering like a bad fart smell. Unwanted and gross.

I miss Nyquil so much. I don’t know how to sleep without it when I’m sick. I spent literally ALL NIGHT last night wide awake but exhausted. I’ve developed a bit of a cough, my nose is completely useless, and my resulting mouth breathing leaves me miserable. And also? You know how when you have a cold and only one side of your nose is stuffed up? The solution is to typically try to sleep on the opposite side to let the nose drain, correct? Well, my hips are still hurting so bad at night from the pregnancy that I can’t choose which side to sleep on, my hips choose for me. And they always choose the wrong side for my nose.

I’m such a dude when I get sick. The thing is, I usually NEVER get sick. I honestly think the last time I had a legit cold was 2 years ago. For this reason when it finally happens to me, I’m a huge baby. Jeff is so sick of hearing me sigh and sniffle that I thought I’d take it out on you for a while. Thanks for listening. Or reading. Or whatever.


Ms. Griffin said...

First: I am so glad to see that Mo is being tortured endlessly, that poor cat has no idea what's coming. Either that or he has resigned himself that it is useless to find yet another married couple to live with as they will probably get pregnant too.

Second: Hope you feel better soon. Maybe I should convince my Michael to make his whenever one of us is sick chicken noodle soup and then bring you some.

Anonymous said...

I love how content Maurice is in the onesie. I believe the grin on his face is his way of telling you that he would like his own personal collection.

I hope you're feeling better soon. I had a cold in the first trimester and they let me take Tylenol Cold - it was a bit of relief, especially at night.