Friday, May 22, 2009

Daily Note: May 22, 2009

We're headed to Orcas this afternoon for the long weekend and I'm so looking forward to getting away. In particular, I really need to cut the apparent umbilical cord that the TV recently grew and attached to me. I love that there's no TV on Orcas and I recently found one of my old favorite trashy girl books (Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married) on the free book shelf at work. That and a book called The Last Anniversary that looks girly with just the right amount of terrible mixed with goodness. I'm bringing both with me.

I think I finally rounded the corner with this cold last night. I went to my regular doctor yesterday to make sure I don't have sinus infection. Sadly, he seemed pretty sure that I do, but he said it was early/mild and prescribed steam therapy instead of antibiotics. So I went out and bought some dirty hippy facial steamer thing and used it off and on all afternoon yesterday. As a result, I started feeling a lot better towards bedtime and only woke up twice to have a nose blowing/hacking fit last night.

Lately, I've developed a nasty habit of waking up around 2am every night and feeling STARVING. That and my hips ache, so getting up always seems like a good idea. So I wander downstairs and proceed to eat everything in sight. Then I crawl back in bed. I also made a double recipe of rice krispie treats this week and yesterday when Jeff went to cut himself a piece exclaimed, "What happened to all the rice krisipie treats!?" I felt like my Dad (notorious midnight snacker) when I had to admit that I'd eaten a whole row of them in the night. Pretty sure I've given myself gestational diabetes.


Lindsey said...

Have a great weekend! One of the things we love about our Whidbey place is the fact that it also has no television. It is embarassing how much time I have when I don't just crash in front of the tv (I am so in love with everything Bravo has to offer these days).

Hip pain is a bitch - I know this much is true. When do you take the glucose test? My midwife is expected to order it at my appointment next week. I hear that fruit punch is the best option to go with.

The American Homemaker said...

mmmnmm..... rice krispie treats :)

Anonymous said...

I've been considering making strawberry rice krispie treats. I've never had these, but they've sounded good the past week.

I'm actually welcoming the end of the tv season - I've become much to attached myself. Although I do plan on one guilty pleasure - Secret Life of the American Teenager - because it involves a baby and bad acting, I just can't look away!