Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Note: January 21, 2009

Much to report. Where to start? Uninventive, I realize, but in summary form, here’s the deal –

1. I was too lazy to write a thoughtful post about the New Year. I kept thinking I’d do something belated, but just never got around to it. I think I’m finally ready to admit it’s just not going to happen. I don’t even have any resolutions. I’m feeling pretty okay about it though.

2. Jeff and I packed up and headed to Orcas for most of the long weekend which was the best thing ever. I hope to post photos tonight or tomorrow. We had the cabin to ourselves and the weather was fantastic. It was in the 50s! There was no wind and all blue skies and I had that epiphany-like moment that always sneaks up on me in the winter where I remember that -- pause for significance -- summer will come again. Do you know what I mean? Winters around here can be such a downer and I think every year I get bogged down with hibernating indoors and it’s not that I think summer WON’T come but rather that I don’t think about it at all. You just accept that it’s freezing and grey and wet ALL THE TIME. Hood on and head down.

But on Sunday it was so beautiful that I put my coat on and ventured down to the beach by myself. I proceeded to have one of those corny, self reflective moments where I felt all super deep and like there should be a soundtrack to my life, Real-World-style. I sat on a log and turned my face to the sun and closed my eyes. And I stayed like that for like 5 full minutes. Then I walked to the other end of the beach, layed on my back on a big flat rock while the sun roasted me. And it felt like summer!! And it was the best feeling ever. Maybe I’m the only one who needs it, but just in case, here’s my pep talk – It won’t be long before the days start to get longer and the rain a little lighter. The mud will dry up, the trees will start growing leafage, your yard will start looking less and less like crap, the farmers markets will come back and before you know it you will be eating peaches. PEACHES people. It’s true.

3. Due to late night ferry riding, I missed The City on Monday night, but was able to catch up online last night. But how can I really debrief about The City when we all know what the main television event was yesterday. One word – Inauguration. I mean, really. Talk about a deep, cleansing breath. I feel like the country just took its first one in 8 years.

4. The Lost season premier is tonight. I’m pretty excited. Jeff and I came to Lost way late in the game and started renting episodes over the summer. I’m ashamed, but I loved it. We’re all caught up now and eagerly anticipating the show tonight.

I think that’s all I’ve got. Updates done.


T. Griffin said...

whoo for LOST, and no worries you aren't alone forgetting about summer in this dreary-one-weather-forcast town.

Lindsey said...

Happy you had such a moment on Orcas. Guilty that you long for summer so much and I take year-round farmers' markets for granted. Have yet to see this week's episode of The City but yes, loved the inauguration. Barack and Michelle are like royalty.