Friday, August 7, 2015


Our first round of moving (note Edie on the left in the back):
Empty house (after official moving day):
Edie's empty room. Sniff.
Last day of school at Perkins. Triple sniff. Here she is with her favorite teacher Libby:
And her favorite babysitter/assistant teacher, Gabrielle:
Our first sunset in the new house:
Living room evening view:
Pool time with cousin Luna:
The dreamy view from my bed:
Edie's first day at "Art Camp" in Bellingham was successful. She got her face painted like a kitty and she has told me 100 times this week that one of her teachers is a "REAL LIFE FAIRY" (oh Bellingham).
Mort is DYING to get outside.


cranky rae said...

Bay view on South Hill! Living the dream! Looks gorg and I wish I was your neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Love the Mort photo. Edie's empty Seattle room must remind you of your childhood room on Hampton Place...happy ending story there too!