Thursday, July 30, 2015

Moving Day

Tomorrow is the big moving day. It's bananas. We are mostly totally unprepared. And then I dropped something heavy and awkward while trying to load it in my car for Goodwill and it slid down my leg and sliced my ankle open last night. It's not cute. And thank god we hired legit movers because I'm not sure I'm able to do much of anything to help tomorrow. And there is also the fact that I am washing dishes in my upstairs bathroom sink and eating take out for all meals basically because we have NO kitchen in Seattle right now. Combine that with an injured ankle and a canceled gym session = tight pants city. Things are a bit chaotic. But tomorrow is moving day! Moving day! Crazy, stressful and exciting moving day!


Laura said...

Good luck moving, Jill ! So sorry to hear about your accident, too. If there is anything you need our help with; you know our # :)
Welcome back to Bellingham !!!

Laura said...

p.s. look forward to seeing your new home; it looks wonderful from the outside !