Monday, August 10, 2015

Highs and Lows

Last night Edie and Jeff went to the Lowell playground down the street and made a new friend. They are both monkey bar obsessed and she was also there with her Dad, who happened to be cool AND be good friends with one of Jeff's high school friends. They needed to use the bathroom, so Jeff invited them back to our place and they stayed for like 3 hours with the girls playing in the basement with Legos the whole time.

Then this morning it rained and I dropped Edie off at a new camp in the woods of Western's campus called Farm Camp. She hated it, clung to my leg and asked me to stay with her. This has NEVER happened with Edie. She loves new things and is so outgoing that it made me feel terrible. I had to kiss her goodbye, tell her it would be fun and walk away. She sat on a bench next to two other girls, looking sadly at the ground. One of the counselors at this camp is supposed to babysit her all afternoon, so I won't pick her up until 4pm on Western's campus. Cross your fingers the rain lets up and they get to do fun things and Edie has a change of heart.

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