Monday, August 31, 2015

Edie turns 6 and has a Cat Party

Edie's Cat themed party yesterday was so, so fun. I was worried about the guest count for a number of reasons - we have a ton of family in Bellingham and wanted them all there, we invited a bunch of Seattle friends who we assumed wouldn't be able to make it up (but who DID and are amazing) and then the weather said rain so then I imagined everyone indoors and got nervous. BUT - it all went off without a hitch. Photos below:

I love these cat banners that I made after seeing something similar on Pinterest:

Art table with paw print stamps that Edie use to make it look like a cat had walked across.
Edie's "Kitty Adoption Center" for guests to choose a cat to bring home, and supplies to decorate a collar and tag. Handy carrying cases below. I was sort of proud of this. Especially because we bought all the stuffed animals at Goodwill and Salvation Army for like 85 cents each and then just washed them with super detergent. It was less expensive than the goody bags I usually give out.

Some of the girls in Edie's room during the party:
Sydney with her kitty that she named Jewel:
Caroline decorating her collar with tons of sticker jewels:
Edie requested chocolate cake with caramel frosting. I made tiny party hats for cats I ordered from Amazon:
I love Edie holding Shreya's hand as everyone sings her Happy Birthday:
My parents brought over their bouncy castle and the sun came out and it was such a great outlet for energy. I will never throw another party without one. Here they are trying to take it down:
Watching videos in the basement while the party wound down:
After the guests left, Edie opened her veterinarian kit and administered aid to her new stuffed Lemur who she named Coconut:
"I'm looking for lice":
Ponies from her friend Eliza:
Lego kit work in her new rainbow dress:

I love this house and its ability to accommodate all the people we love. It was a birthday party and house warming wrapped into one.  


lindsey. said...

Love it all. And I want some cake. Happy birthday Edie Bee! You are one super shiny star.

Laura said...

Agreed it was a wonderful celebration and your new home is lovely !!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but everyone did not get to sing HB to E! Lovely party xoxo.

cranky rae said...

Dying to see your beautiful new B'ham house. It looks so pretty! Super impressed with the cat theme, too. (Blog creepin' this morning and catching up.)