Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring - Other people's photos

A few photos from this Spring that other people took. First up is a family photo shoot at Lowell in Bellingham:
Edie and Luna at the Lowell Elementary playground:

Reading at Grandma Fifi and Grandmpa Mustache's house:

Sometimes this is how we wear our hair:

Jeff is this weird, magic nap-whisperer. My child who has not napped regularly for over a year frequently falls asleep on or with Jeff. This one took the cake though:
Couch nap (also induced by Jeff somehow):

Playing soccer in Jeff's empty office space (he moved to a new office last month):
I'm not sure, but given all the turquoise, it definitely had something to do with "being Elsa":


Darrah said...

Can Jeff please come to my house and nap-whisper to Reid?

lindsey. said...

I love that family photo. And those of Napping Edie. And Jeff has a new office? Do tell. Catch us up on it all!

sandralbruton said...

The nap whisperer shot!!!