Saturday, May 24, 2014

Birch Bay weekend

The weather was supposed to be terrible, but we ventured north anyways. We like to drive up late Friday night after the traffic has died down. Then we just carry Edie to bed and wake up at the cottage on Saturday morning. Saturday, Jeff had the idea to drive up to Mount Baker. I had visions of frolicking through wild flowers and agreed, but when we got to the top, I was embarrassed to realize that of course there would still be snow… we were poorly dressed for the occasion, but tromped through the snow for an hour or two anyways, throwing snowballs and comparing the landscape to the movie Frozen. Edie was pumped.

As we descended the mountain, the sun came out and we decided to swing by A&W for floats to break up the drive. I post this picture even though I couldn't look more pale and terrible because Edie looks SO PRETTY in it. Am I crazy for thinking that?

When we got back to the cottage, it was warm enough to strip down and play in the kiddie pool.

And for me to enjoy a summer cocktail and read:
After dinner we strolled down to the beach and found this yard that was 100% dandelions. Edie's mind was blown, because there are few things 4 year olds love more than stopping on walks to pick every dandelion and blow the fuzzies off:
Beach time:

The following morning we had breakfast with Kathleen, Javi and Luna and then watched the girls play in the sunny backyard:


lindsey. said...

You are not crazy. I have pics of Marina that I find stunning (and I don't use the word 'stunning') that I'm not sure anyone else is also drawn to. But that doesn't matter. I think Edie does look lovely and I love that you posted it even if you weren't loving yourself in the photo.

Kristin said...

Come back later this summer and we can all go up to Baker! That would be so fun. No frolicking through meadows of wildflowers up there until late the earliest.