Monday, April 28, 2014

Fremont Market Day

Edie and I visited the Fremont Market on Sunday. She modeled this dirty Davey Crockett hat and glasses.
This photo reminds of the trip we took as a family where my little brother bought a coonskin cap and wore it CONSTANTLY, like including to bed, until it basically disintegrated. He was 20. Kidding! He was 30.

We got fish and chips and ate them by the canal:

We met this wolf:

And we found this basket of trolls and ponies:

Then we tried on some sunglasses:

Then we had to go home because Edie had to pee and she is way too refined to use a port a potty. That kid would hold it all day long if the only alternative is using a gross bathroom.

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mhals said...

What a fun day! That wolf is awesome.