Thursday, May 29, 2014


Work was crazy this spring. I got home late the Friday before Mother's Day from a week away managing a high maintenance event. This is my third year in a row working this gig and while in almost every sense, it's my dream job - I return home each year EXHAUSTED. The weeks leading up to my trip were pretty awful if I'm being honest. Edie turned into a total monster, throwing frequent tantrums that were so filled with rage and came on so quickly that the only course of action was to endure. It was a very defeating week or two and while it seems like I might have welcomed a week away from home, instead I felt like I was leaving on a terrible note and it was depressing how relieved I was to run away and leave Edie with her grandparents.

It was therefore a relief when I came home and Edie decided to be sunshine and light. We had a relaxing Mother's Day weekend with lots of this:

If you're wondering - this was taken by Jeff at 3pm. Edie normally doesn't nap, but the weather was gorgeous, we'd spent a lot of time outdoors running around, and I guess we were both on the same page for the first time in weeks. It was nice, like we'd hit the Reset button as a family. My workload has now decreased dramatically just in time for the summer and the weather this Spring has been pretty close to perfect. I'm looking forward to a summer of less work, more mother-daughter time, and family weekends on Orcas and at Birch Bay.

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lindsey. said...

Officially wishing you a super happy summer!