Sunday, September 22, 2013

Train ride

We spent the afternoon in Snoqualmie yesterday, riding trains,  visiting waterfalls, and eating indian food:

We asked Edie to smile for the photo and she acted bratty:
Then we made her laugh and she tried not to smile in order to prove she could sustain her bratty mood:
She cheered up on the train and we had a nice ride

Shortly after this photo, Edie decided she was bored, thirsty, bossy, and incapable of following directions all at the same time. We stopped for some Indian food on the way home where a mango lassi and butter chicken with naan solved some of these problems, but not all of them. Still, the train ride was super fun and a nice, low key activity for a weekend. Also? I think I might need to rewatch Twin Peaks this Fall. Anyone interested in joining me? 


heidio said...

This looks like a beautiful day, despite said brattiness. I have never seen Twim Peaks! Can I watch it with you?!
p.s. thanks for the new post. I have been anxiously awaiting a Culver update. :)

Darrah said...

ooh, twin peaks is so scary! i have vivid memories of getting super freaked out by certain scenes. but maybe i am tougher now?

sandralbruton said...

In that trio shot with Edie on your lap in the train...the 2nd shot...I have that same shot of YOU when you were maybe 6! I've gotta find it.