Sunday, September 8, 2013

Birch Bay x 2

We spent 2 different weekends at Birch Bay last month. I'm a bit behind with posts, so you'll have to do with a "photo dump" mash up of all the photos. Sorry they're all so enormous, I don't have the energy to shrink each one down individually...

Hard to tell, but Edie made friends and spent a good chunk of time out on the sand bar without me, making mud pies:
Edaleen's Dairy where we ALL had ice cream for under $3! Birthday cake flavored ice cream and weird hair for Edie:


The lowest tide of all time:

We walked what must have been 3/4 of a mile to get to the water.
Breakfast in Lynden the next day with my grandmother, who Edie calls GGB. Dipping her bacon in butter. As you do.
Edie in her Sleeping Beauty dress (that's a bit low cut) with GGB:
That night we were visited at the cottage by this tiny dog on the loose. We decided he looked like Skippy from the books Skippy John Jones and called him Skippy all night. Edie asked if he could sleep with us and I'm not going to lie, I kind of wanted to let him. I'll trade you 2 crazy kitties for one Skippy.
Family selfie!

Sunset, pre-bedtime walk down to the beach. That's me and Edie on the far left:

Hovander Park:

She was determined to find a four leaf clover:

She was posing with the "puddle ducks" (from the Beatrix Potter books) and then when they honked, she went running:
Bellingham Farmer's market (once again, in her Aurora dress):

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sandralbruton said...

And the weather looked to be as gorgeous as you three for your visits. Puddle ducks shot is pretty funny.