Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First day

The internet is riddled with "first day" photos and posts today, but today was a big day at our house so I'm adding our memories to the pile.

Edie started her new school today. I had no idea what to expect, but she was so excited. I think this photo was taken when Jeff told her to say "slug rumps". These days, surprising her is the only way to get a decent photo because her reaction when you say "smile for the camera" is to face you but look over to the side and give a weird, fake smile. I keep meaning to do a post filled with nothing but photos of this weird smile phenomenon. ANYWAYS.

Behold, Edie with her unicorn backpack and lunch box!

Jeff normally drops Edie in the mornings, but he and I both took her to school for the first day (sort at her request, sort of at mine). She took off as soon as she got out of the car, pausing only to get her new backpack on.
There was a teacher greeting everyone inside the front door and Edie walked right up to her, leaving Jeff and I in the dust. The teacher asked her name and Edie answered very clearly and very excitedly, "Edie!" Then she asked Edie if she knew what group she was in and Edie was like, 'of course!' and said, "I'm in the GREEN group!" and then marched right into another room (which we toured last week), over to the green lockers, found the one with her name written on it, and hung her things up. I swear to god we weren't even needed. Hopefully this means she'll have a fabulous first day. I do have a niggling concern that this is similar to how she started at Jen's house. With a fabulous first day and then a terrified second day when the reality set in that this wasn't a one-off... we won't really know until the week is over probably. 

I do think it helped that we joined a playdate on Monday for kids and parents in the Green Class. She seemed to hit it off with a boy named James (also an only child). He was waiting for her this morning and the teacher in his room said he'd been talking about Edie all morning and was excited for her arrival. Edie sat down next to him and said, "Hi James. Did you see that I'm wearing new pants?" (I'm not sure James cared much). There was also a bucket of My Little Ponies in the room, so when Jeff and I told her we were leaving, her only response was to turn away and say, "I want to play with the Ponies". Well, alright then! Jeff and I took the hint and left. Clearly this emotional moment was one sided.

I'm dying to find out how her day goes, I can hardly wait until pick up.

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sandralbruton said...

Such an adorable kid. Love this.