Monday, September 30, 2013

I know

I know. I know! It's Jill's DAILY note. Not Jill's once in a blue moon note.

But I'm just so. very. tired.

And things have been feeling a little.... stressy lately. Spell check doesn't approve of the word stressy, but it is that feeling in your gut that tells you that either one big thing, or many little things are not quite right. Or maybe something terrible is looming. Regardless, it means that all I can do when not working or parenting is binge watch episodes of The Good Wife on Hulu and make (and eat) weird desserts using things like chocolate chips and scoops of peanut butter in the microwave. Thankfully, I have a girls night tomorrow because the pain in my jaw is telling me that I need some friend time. And probably also some wine. Plus, Heidi is making rice krispie treats using Cocoa Krispies, so there's that.

Also in my defense is the fact that the weather is cold and wet and my life is suddenly much less photogenic, so I have zero cute photos of my child to share with you. Well, that's not entirely true. Because Edie and I spent Saturday night at Birch Bay with my Mom, sister in law Emily and niece Caroline. It was a "girls only" sleepover and it was very important to Edie that she understand the rules of this event. Could she bring a boy stuffed animal? She needed to know. Anyways, I have some cute photos of Edie with her cousin that I'll try to get posted this week.

But for now, I really have to finish a work proposal and then there are like 10 episodes left of The Good Wife before I'm caught up to season 5.

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Anonymous said...

Tired isn't cured with crazy desserts! Take a yoga class, eat some iron enriched foods, and get your zzz's. xoxo