Friday, August 16, 2013

Week on orcas part IV

Our last full day at the cabin was Saturday. We make snickerdoodles, and Edie was an expert assistant:

We took a family walk up the hill and off the beaten path. This one's a winner if you're able to zoom in on Edie's expression. She looks wise beyond her years and smug as all get out:

Discovering the "secret tunnel":
Running ahead:

More Diggity Dog:

More beach:
And an evening trip to visit Jeff's cousin and his family at their family cabin around the way for cocktail hour:

Obie and Edie:
The next morning was spent relaxing and packing up the cabin before heading out in the Whaler to take Edie to Bellingham to meet up with my parents who then took her home to their place for Sunday night. Jeff and I zipped back to the cabin after dropping Edie off, finished packing up and then sat in the ferry line for a bazillion hours before catching the late 8:45pm ferry. The ferry = Zzzzzzzz.

Waving goodbye to Edie and my parents at the Lummi ferry dock in Bellingham:
As I'm sure is obvious from the photos, we had a great week pretending we live on an island and own a boat, and don't have jobs. It's been a rough week of re-entry but we're back in the swing of things and looking forward to hosting a get together in our backyard tomorrow night. Cross your fingers the rain stays away!

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Darrah said...

What a great week you had! M and I had drinks with Megan and David at the same spot on Friday Harbor on Wednesday before catching the ferry. And OMG I love the story/photo of Edie falling asleep at the bow of the boat! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.