Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week on orcas part III

Thursday morning, early, we drove to Rosario Resort for Jeff to catch a seaplane back to Seattle.  He had meetings he couldn't get out of that day and it was a thousand times more efficient to take the seaplane to Lake Union than drive to the ferry dock, wait forever, and then drive all the way back into town. We felt super fancy waiting for the plane. We had to wake Edie up so she's in her jim jams:

The plane was pretty late, so we waited on these rocks for a while. And then I stood up on the rocks and the rock I was standing on rolled away and I totally bit the dust and scraped the shit out of my ankles and hands on the rocks and jagged sticks of rebar poking out of the rocks. It wasn't cute. Edie offered to give me one of her bandaids. It was super sweet. But not particularly helpful.

Jeff boarding the plane!

Take off:

After Jeff left, Edie and I went back to the cabin, packed a picnic, purchased a park pass and spent most of the day in Moran State Park, swimming and playing on the playground equipment.
Love this one:
Selfies on the beach that night:

And then we returned to Rosario Friday morning to pick Jeff up again. They almost canceled the flight due to morning fog at the island, so we were very happy to be picking him up:

We spent a pretty laid back day at the cabin, taking turns napping, reading, and watching Edie:

Out on a little row with Dad:
Jeff told her the boat was floating away with the tide, this is her trying to pull it onto the beach:

Most hilarious moment of maybe the whole week: We took the boat out to cruise the coast Friday evening and sneak a peek at the hippies at Doe Bay. Edie graduated this summer to riding in the bow of the boat, holding on tight to the metal fixture you tie ropes onto. It makes me a nervous wreck, but Jeff thinks it's the best and trusts her up there. He's been tooling around in this little boat since he was 12, so I kind of have to defer to him. I digress... So here Edie is, hooting and squealing with glee up in the bow of the boat:
Not more than 10 minutes later, I ask her if she's still doing alright up there and she doesn't reply. I crawl up to see if she just couldn't hear me over the motor and find this:
Totally asleep!! Still crouching and still clutching the little handles. I DIE.  I peeled her off the bow and tucked her in amongst the coats for a short boat snooze.

We had a beach fire later that night, roasted weenies and made s'mores:

Jeff's new technique for the "ultimate hot dog":
Eating s'mores:

I think I've got one more post to go in order to wrap up our vacation photos. Stay tuned.

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