Monday, August 12, 2013

Week on Orcas Part I

We took the ferry to Orcas Island Sunday afternoon last week. We were anticipating a full week at the cabin, just the three of us. A week without TV, a week with spotty internet and cell service, a week without playdates or daycare; just us, the beach, a boat and the sunshine. We had a date with disconnecting and it was just what the doctor ordered.

On the ferry:

I love this serious photo of my family. These guys are too cool for school.
We woke Monday morning to a super low tide and commenced Rock Climbing 101. Jeff believes a strong education in rock climbing is an essential part of being an "Orcas Kid". After countless declarations of needing help and "being scared" (her favorite tag line of late that is the quintessential 'wolf cry' and also very annoying) she finally rallied and at the end of our climb/hike, announced that "This is the best adventure I ever had!" It was one of those moments that I'll remember forever. Especially now that I wrote it down.

"The Biggest Tide Pool" that only appears at the lowest tide:

Purple starfish:
Crab parade:
We then climbed out to the point, up to the cliff above and took the deer trial along 
the edge back to the cabin.

Every morning we would wake with a thick marine layer that would slowly recede:

I love this picture. I think it might be a deer bed in the foreground? The island was littered with deer families - 2 little baby deer were hanging around the cabin most days.

That afternoon we took the Boston Whaler out for it's first spin of the summer. It's sort of our favorite family activity. Edie goes bananas for the boat and begs to go fast. Then she falls asleep after about 15 minutes and we bundle her into the coats/blankets in the middle of the boat and enjoy the ride just the two of us.

Rounding the day out with a little Diggity Dog action (a new game we purchased for this vacation and to keep at the cabin) while we made pizza on the grill. 

And yes we made 2 pizzas for 3 people. The plan being for leftover pizza all week. Jeff says I'm overly sensitive slash defensive about my food consumption. He would be right.
More photos to come.


lindsey. said...

1. Your hair looks super shiny and fabulous in that rock climbing pic.
2. I thought you hated hiking??
3. Love the pic of Jeff waving.
4. This hot diggety this something I should be looking for? I'd love to break out of Candy Land.
5. I always - ALWAYS - make two pizzas for my family of three. Eat on, my friend. Eat on.

sandralbruton said...

All looks very relaxing. I especially like the shot of Edie running to her dad at the tree.