Tuesday, August 6, 2013


We are on orcas for the week (just the three of us) and having a truly fabulous time.

Until I return, here are some miscellaneous photos from the week or two prior to our ferry ride to the island Sunday afternoon.

I'm blogging from my phone and haven't yet learned mobile formatting on blogger so I'll just give a basic overview: Edie and Penny in matching(ish) flip flops, an afternoon at the Greenlake wading pool and a very serious Popsicle moment, and a few photos from the day I took Edie to Seattle Center and promised (mostly to myself) I wouldn't bring her home until it was dinner time - the day included a trip to the children's museum, a timid visit to the fountain, a ride on the monorail, and a trip to the bulk candy store in Westlake where I let Edie choose 6 pieces of candy. She chose the piece photo'd here- a gummy CHICKEN FOOT. It apparently tasted like fruit punch. Lastly is my fav- Edie reading all chilled out with her leg crossed.

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sandralbruton said...

I see how difficult it was for P to share the grocery cart! ha ha
And I love the new swimsuit E is wearing! Cute on her.