Friday, March 9, 2012

I hesitate to say it

But I think the Culvers are finally coming back from the dead? To explain my absence of late:

It started at 2am on Sunday morning when Edie woke suddenly with a weird seal bark cough followed by dramatic gasping. Then ended as quickly as it started when she fell back to sleep 2 minutes later. Except I was awake for another hour waiting for my heart rate to slow enough to sleep again.

On Sunday she woke with a regular old cough (not croup as I'd feared in the night), and I started the day with an upset stomach and nausea. By bedtime Edie was a coughing mess with low grade fever and I was stuck in the bathroom feeling sick to my stomach with a flu bug of some sort. It was a long night. And a longer week. Everything's fine now, but just two days ago, things were feeling bleak as I experienced a flare up of my ancient jaw pain problem that hasn't resurfaced in years (result of stress and sleeplessness). Pair that with my lingering flu and a little anxiety over wondering what the hell was wrong with me and ... oh wait?! I didn't mention that Edie's fever spiked on Wednesday and we ended up at the doctor's office with an ear infection.

This week felt like it might never end. But the Amoxicillin is finally kicking in and the doctor prescribed Zyrtec for Edie at bedtime, which seems to be helping her sleep through the terrible coughing (which previously was waking her every 30 seconds, ALL NIGHT LONG). Long story short - Edie slept most of the night last night and took a great nap today, I'm recovered enough to gain back all the weight I lost earlier in the week and we will (finger's crossed) hopefully be ushering out the cold and flu season very soon. Because seriously. SERIOUSLY.


sandralbruton said...

It would help too if the weather would cooperate and be more Spring-like.

Betsey said...

I feel your pain. Emmi was out with a "touch" of pneumonia for 6 days (vomitting included), I sprained my ankle and got a compression injury in my arm, and then a day after things were looking normal again I came down with the flu and now Emmi's developed a nasty cough again.. Here's to a healthy spring! So glad to hear the two of you are recovering well!

lindsey said...

Feel all better soon, girls! We miss you.