Monday, March 19, 2012


Edie and Jeff are building a Lego tower (with primary color duplos btw) when Edie gets mad and violently throws one of the legos at the couch.

Jeff: That was rude Edie.
Edie: Sorry Dad. It was an accident.
Jeff: Oh. Did you ACCIDENTALLY freak out and throw a Lego?
Edie: Um. Yeah.


cranky rae said...

I like Edie's style.

sandralbruton said...

She & I were working on that tower yesterday. It was pretty tall when I told her nap was coming up in 2 minutes and we needed to think about what books to read before nap. She informed me that, Jeff was the daddy, Jill was the mommy, and Edie was the boss; and she didn't want a nap. When I told her she was the daughter, not the boss. She wanged her arms into that tower sending pieces all over the LR. Then she looked at me as if to say, I told you I was the boss. I told her, that was interesting to watch but she was still Jeff & Jill's daughter and what books did she want me to read to her. She gave me the stink eye look for a while and then shrugged her shoulders and gave me her 2 book choices and cuddled in my lap. I read them to her and she napped for 2 hours. I am pretty sure I know where she gets her drama from. Hang in there Jeff!