Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend on Orcas

We decided rather last minute to head up to the island last weekend and had a fantastic time. We spent almost the entire month of January as social lepers, festering in our own sick, that a change of scenery was the best thing ever. Also last minute, we asked friends we haven't seen in forever to come and were surprised first that they were free, second that they were willing to make the trek and third that they are having a baby in April! Obviously, it had been WAY too long. We hadn't seen them since before Edie's first birthday. We spent Friday night just the three of us and for the first time in maybe forever, Edie slept through the entire night at the cabin. For some reason her sleep is always a bit of a mess there, but that spell has now been broken. She slept like a champ the whole weekend and we all had such a nice time. Saturday, when our friends joined us, was a lovely beach day.
Sunday was soggy city, so we spent the entire day curled up inside with the fire kicking the temp up to 80.
Edie shared her pretzel sticks with her new friend.

And now we come to what I'll call the "hat montage". Edie was quite taken with this hat on Sunday. As is probably obvious from the photos. Eventually Jeff decided to take Edie for a short walk in the rain, wearing her hat.

She returned from the walk like this:
On Saturday, I made (if I do say so myself, which I do) a stellar chicken pot pie. I will post the simple recipe shortly.
Edie spent much time playing with Jeff's old toys from the 70's that live in a toy box at the cabin.
Looking sharp in her favorite "DINO!!!" pjs and a sweater. And a stylish hat that really brings the whole ensemble together.
When it was time to go and Jeff packed up the pack and play, Edie found a new way for us to carry her around. Oddly she hung out like this (voluntarily) for way longer than seemed right.


sandralbruton said...

Wonderful photos of Edie!

lindsey said...

That last pic had me laughing out loud. And, yes, the recipe please!!

Marcia said...

Looks like a good time was had by all, especially Miss EDB! So glad it wasn't rainy all weekend!