Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Art

A week or two ago, Edie made valentines. First, she dressed in her custom craft smock made by Aunt Kati:

then we get a feel for the paint brush and test out of the homemade sponge and potato stamps.
Then we put paint on the paper, on our head and maybe just a little, in our mouths.

Not photographed here is the fact that I then cut the paper into heart shapes, wrote Happy Valentine's Day on the back and let Edie go to town with heart shaped stickers.

We attended a lovely party today at Edie's friend Mae's house where many children dressed in pink frolicked while eating sugar cookies. Technically I think I was the only parent irresponsible enough to let my kid eat one, but dude, it's Valentine's Day. And if I'm going to eat one (which I totally did), then it's really hard for me to explain to Edie why she doesn't get one (at least without making up a lot of lies). At the party, we also made Dad a valentine using elaborate craft supplies, which he greatly appreciated. Our real gift will come this following weekend when Edie will have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa C's house and Jeff and I pretend it's 2008 and do things like GO TO A MOVIE. And SLEEP IN - and I'm not talking one at a time, I'm talking both of us sleeping, in the bed, together. Until at least 9 am, heck, let's go crazy - 10!!!

I'm pretty sure that by throwing caution to the wind and discussing sleeping until 10am, Edie will wake up with a terrible cold tomorrow and the whole thing will be postponed.


sandralbruton said...

Sleep in until 10am? You won't remember how! Have fun! xo

Kathleen said...

We loved our Valentine! What a lovely surprise in the mail - and to think she was wearing her smock. I've always loved that word.