Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boo Hiss

Jeff and I were trying to get a video of Edie singing "Old McDonald" tonight. Earlier today when I sang it, I'd pause after "And on this farm he had a ---" and she'd call out an animal. It was hilarious. Except when we tried to video it tonight, she kept shouting out that Old McDonald had an "Edie" on his farm. When she did this the third time I laughed and said, "boo hiss" in a joking manner. She thought that was SO FUNNY.


lindsey said...

She's so darn cute. What a fiery little personality she has! I love the videos that feature the two of you - love seeing you as a mom! :)

Marcia said...

I have watched this video at least 8 times! It is a hoot!

Anonymous said...

I just remembered recently hearing Ladysmith Black Mombazo singing Old MacDonald in their native tongue. Wouldn't Edie do some wonderful things with those words!?!