Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

So, yeah. Edie got a runny nose yesterday. Remember how I said this would happen??!! So far it doesn't seem like a repeat of the plague, just a runny nose and some sleep disruption, but GAWD. Please please please let it resolve quickly so that we can still go out on the town this weekend.


Tib said...

maybe it's just a new tooth. runny nose and restless sleep are often signs of that. One of the few things I remember from those years.

lindsey said...

I am sure it will be fine. Yes, maybe it is a new tooth coming in. Marina just went through another teething spell and had a little runny nose, trouble sleeping, and was irritable as heck. I finally realized she was teething and gave her a teether and she was happy as a clam. Makes me wonder how many times we will go through this before I recognize the signs right away! :) Have fun on the town this weekend!

sandralbruton said...

Yes, teeth! That sounds plausible!