Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Edie has started taking leaps and bounds in the talking department. She's become obsessed with her stuffed toy lamb and says "lamb" in the cutest voice ever. Her lamb has a music box that plays the tune of mockingbird (which happens to be the song I sing her on the rare occasion I need to comfort her in the night) and we refer to it as her lamb singing. The other night we were listening to Christmas music and when it ended she said, "Mo shinging!" (more singing). This is only the second time she's put two words together, but it was pretty adorable.

I do fear however that we have entered the phase where only I can understand my child. You know what I'm talking about. When a kid comes up to you and excitedly tells you an entire story of which you understand approximately 2 words? Edie certainly isn't telling whole stories, but she does have A LOT to say these days. Just to list a few (I've lost track), she's saying:

bop (indicating she bopped her head)
reindeer ("reinee")

She's fascinated with fire trucks and sirens right now and has taken to calling them "firema" (sounds remarkably like farmer) and asking for "more firema" when she hears a siren in the distance. At random moments she decides she wants fire trucks (you can imagine her excitement when we blew a tire this weekend and the tow truck came with flashing lights - she totally thought it was a fire truck).

One of the other cute new words she has is "hep" meaning, "help". She likes to give people things and then pat her chest and say "hep". It seems important that she get credit for her helpful behavior which cracks me up.

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Betsey said...

Damn Edie! Stop making all the other babies look like lumps of clay! Just kidding! That is awesome, even though my level of jealousy just went up thirty degrees. Maybe more. What fun it must be around your house! Emmi added "car" to her vocabulary, but prefers to just growl most of the time. I'm beginning to think we raised a bear.