Saturday, December 4, 2010


Edie has developed a passion for taking out the garbage.

It's weird.

At first I thought she was trying to say Grandma, but (sorry Mom) I realized recently that she's saying "garbage" when she says "gaba".

This is awesome because Jeff's hatred for taking out the garbage is epic. All of a sudden he has someone other than me begging him to take it out. Like someone he listens to. She likes him to take a bag and be carried by him out to the curb to watch him throw it away. Our garbage cans have never been so regularly emptied. Is it wrong that I'm enthused by my daughter's likely future as a garbage man?


sandralbruton said...

As disapointed as I am in the no gramma word, your story is still a hoot!

Jeff Culver said...

I'd like to call out a gross error in this post. I have never had a problem with taking out the garbage. It is washing dishes that I have an epic hatred for. Fortunately, Edie has not expressed any interest in this activity to date.

Thank you.

Kathleen said...

I do have a dislike of taking out the garbage. Enzo has twice tried to take it out for me (when I unknowingly left the cabinet under the sink ajar) but alas, it never made it farther than the kitchen floor.

I think we know what Edie should learn next...