Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Merry

Edie sat for her photo with Santa last week. Having our Santa photo taken was a big tradition growing up, and despite moaning about it as a teenager, I plan to subject my child to the same torture. Edie was lured in by Santa's jingle bells and sat happily for a minute or two before getting a wee nervous. No tears were shed though, so I'd consider it a big success. How sweet does she look with her rosy cheeks?

PS - I wore this same dress while posing for my Santa photo when I was just 4 or 5 months older than Edie is now.

PPS - we didn't get it together in time for a real holiday card, but please know that we are sending happy holiday thoughts to you and yours in the coming weeks. We are busy busy - Edie and I leave tomorrow after a birthday brunch with Heidi to head north for holiday gatherings and family time -- our annual progressive dinner, Jeff's arrival, dueling slide shows with Jeff and my fams, 2(!) Christmas dinners, and 2(!!) Christmas mornings... capping it all off with a child-free New Years in Vancouver while we celebrate Jeff's birthday.

When we return, I hope to post a video of Edie admiring her Santa photo and shouting about "Sat!" meaning Santa and "Llllap!" and finally, proudly saying her own name - "E-D". SO CUTE.


Betsey said...

Great photo. I love the dress!

Kathleen said...

Doesn't she look SO TINY next to that Santa Claus? He's HUGE!

SLG 3 - Jessica Gibson said...

Um, is that Santa crazy huge? I've seen her in Jeff's lap, and the ratio seems way more natural.
Nonetheless, she looks very, very cute and like a little girl - not much baby left.