Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding photos

I've been asked a few times for photos of my brother's wedding as well as people curious to see what Jessie's wedding looked like. Sad to say we took very few photographs at both weddings but this was because both events had amazing photographers that we knew were going to capture the event better than we could. As soon as we get access to some of those professional photos, we'll post them, but for now, all we have are these of Scott and Emily:Ceremony site. The weather was supposed to be mediocre, but instead we had the most beautiful sunshine. They had a great little Parisian type quartet (with an accordion!) playing while we were seated.
Reception site - this great white washed barn where we had dinner and merriment, but mostly forgot to take pictures. Here is Edie with the bride and groom, not looking her best in either but Scott and Emily look great.

And these of Jessie and Clay:
Signs directed the guests up a path to the clearing where we met Jessie and Clay for the ceremony.

Ceremony was in a clearing overlooking the Whidbey coast. The ceremony was no more than 6 minutes long (Jessie and Clay aren't ones for a spotlight), but every word was exactly the right one.
Edie slept through the entire ceremony. For modesty's sake we covered her rump with her jacket.

More to come (and of higher quality!) once the professional pics become accessible.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

cranky rae said...

Those are awesome. Particularly love the family pic with Edie sleeping in the middle of you and Jeff -- cool shot. Also really love the pic of Jessie and Clay walking away.