Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diagnosis Mystery Rash

Hey there. Edie's experiencing a delayed reaction to her MMR shot and is COVERED in a terrible rash that appears to cause her no discomfort. Mostly it's other people discomfited by it. From her tiny ears to her tiny toes, she's a blotchy, red, puffy mess.

Instead of posting photos of her right now (which seems a little rude), I'm sharing with you a photo series of Edie eating her new favorite food: Limes. Notice that the only unhappy photo of her is the one where Jeff too the lime AWAY.


Anonymous said...

Love the finger pointing one!

Mary Anne said...

I love LOVE LOVE the second to the last one!

Betsey said...

These are great! I love an angry baby shot - no photo album is complete without them.

Citrus tip: Emmi loves lemons. So, one day we gave her one at the end of her meal (at the restaurant) and the sourness of it made her vomit her entire meal on the table and (carpeted) floor. It was awful.