Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well it seems Edie's meds have finally kicked in. She woke twice last night, but was easy to put back down both times and slept all night in her crib for the first time in 4 nights. While I like a good snuggle, sleeping with Edie sprawled all over me was horrible. Even when she *did* sleep, I couldn't. She was only able to hack the day for an hour and a half this morning before falling asleep for her morning nap. She must be making up for lost sleep over the long weekend.


Marcia said...

Jill, I only learned from Grandma Jean last night that Jeff and Edie had both been sick. I left a phone msg. for Jeff, then tried to call you and the message said your number had been disconnected (???!!). I called your Mom to make sure I had your # correct......sure enough, I did?? I am so glad to hear you are all doing better! Earaches are NO fun. Kathleen had many of them. I swore I was going to buy a gallon jug of amoxycillin from the pharmacy so I could have it on hand whenever needed! Take care
with much love,

SLG 3 - Jessica Gibson said...

So glad to hear that Edie is doing better! It was so sad to see her less than her normal self. And you guys were great troopers this weekend - all of you. Can't wait to discuss the wedding with you!