Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Roller Coaster

Hi there. Sorry for the lack of coverage lately, but we've been riding a bit of a roller coaster this week. Edie has her first ear infection and one minute she's the happiest camper and the next she's a bit of a clingy, weepy mess. The mess part seems to mostly occur at night. When we like to sleep. So, yeah. We've been rocking the hourly wake ups since Friday and capped it off last night with an epic scream fest that lasted from 10:20 until 12:45am and included such highlights as a midnight run to the pharmacy, pacing the dark street with Edie in the Ergo while wearing my pajamas and slippers, administering ear drops, and our first middle of the night call to the pediatrician. I can't stress enough how fun it was.

I called it a roller coaster because she wakes up each morning pleased as punch and spends most of the day running laps and happily terrorizing the cat. That, and despite Edie's earache, we (all 3) managed to have a really wonderful time on Whidbey Island for our friends' wedding on Sunday night. I'm so thankful for that reprieve. And then we decided not to risk another hotel night of crying and Tylenol and drove home at 10pm (to cry and give Tylenol in our own bed). Up and down the roller coaster goes....

It's currently 10:22pm and I'm hesitant to go to bed for fear of needing to wake in 10 minutes. Please take a moment to wish with me that the antibiotics we started on Sunday have finally kicked in.


Amy Ware said...

I am so hoping that the antibiotics have kicked in and Edie (and you and Jeff) will be sleeping very soon.

So sorry to hear she is sick and you are sick and tired - of not sleeping.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why we've not heard from you and yours! If it's a consolation, you didn't have many ear infections and only 2 that I recall, first at 11 mos-ish and your second at age 2.5 yrs. The meds have to kick in! xomom/grammab