Thursday, July 22, 2010

Restricted Diet

Edie has decided to limit her diet. She now only eats blueberries, peaches and Pirates (veggie) Booty. Oh and she discovered goldfish crackers today. Hummus is SO two weeks ago. Ditto cheese and beans. Vegetable powder on her pirate's booty? Fine. But real vegetables? Gag me.

I'm SO OVER cleaning up food off the floor that she rejects.


kate said...

I wonder perhaps if Grace and Edie are kindred souls. All blueberries and peaches (but only an entire half a peach with the skin on), and goldfish. These kiddos need to meet. If you find a way to discourage the food throwing, please share.

Betsey said...

Our dog has been the "cleaner" of the food Emmi discards. I loved it until her last vet appointment - she's gained a few pounds since Emmi started tossing food - so now we have to watch what she gets.

Lauren Rainbow said...

I think the only thing that Calvin (our ancient dog) really likes about Danny is that he is the messiest eater on Earth. I say get a dog, it will save your back in the long run.

lindsey said...

Maybe it's best to just stick to her faves for the time being. She'll come around.

As for dogs, mine refuses to eat most of the food Bean drops. Apparently he thinks he is too good for her scraps. His discerning palate is really getting on my nerves.