Friday, July 30, 2010

Dear Edie,

Today you are 11 months old. Your favorite things this month are other babies and older kids, holes in anything (and sticking your finger in them), the creepy marionette of Frank Lloyd Wright that hangs in your room, dogs, Maurice the cat, books, and balls.

Your least favorite things are being fed food with spoons, wearing hats, having to sit still for more than one minute, and the backyard sprinkler.

You are a confident walker now, in fact the other day you started doing something that I think can safely be referred to as running.
Crawling is a thing of the past as you now easily stand without using anything to pull yourself up. We are trying to teach you how to safely get down from things (mainly the stairs), but for now you seem a fan of the head first style. Whenever I try to show you how to back down the stairs or off the couch, you just take it as an opportunity to climb back up. In good time I suppose...

You love carrying large objects around and have started picking up specific books and taking them to us for reading aloud.

The other day when your Dad was reading you the Richard Scarry book about Mr. Paint Pig you started saying "GA GA!" when we got to the page about the color green. Every now and then we get the inkling that you might try on some words for size soon. You say things that sound remarkably like "This" and "That", as well as "Yeah", "Da" for Dad, and "Du" for dog. You now also say "uh oh" when anyone drops things or, more frequently, repeat it after I say it. It's SO CUTE. You definitely recognize the word blueberry (your favorite food) and come running when you hear it. You also seem to understand and follow directions to "come here" and hand things over when asked "Can I please have that?". The sign language isn't taking yet, but we're still trying the signs for "more" and "all done" in relation to eating. I'm assuming that because of your delayed interest in eating solids, the sign language may take a little longer than for some babies.

Speaking of food, you have dramatically reduced your interest in bottles this month. You still aren't eating large quantities of food, but you DO eat 3 meals + 2 snacks each day and have finally mastered the sippy cup for water. For breakfast most days you have cereal, blueberries and yogurt. Lunch is usually cheese and crackers with some Veggie Booty, dinner is whatever your Dad and I eat (which most of the time gets thrown on the floor (by you, not us)) and snacks are peaches, goldfish crackers or zucchini bread (which I've developed a penchant for baking recently). Your disinterest in veggies is excepted only by playing and sucking on spears of roasted asparagus and devouring Veggie Booty and zucchini bread.

You are obsessed with airplanes and the sky this month.
You can hear an airplane miles away and stare at the sky until it comes into view and then you point proudly at the plane when you spot it. This was also the month you started pointing at things with regularity. You point at the pages in your books, the sky, and your Dad and me the most. You wave all the time, albeit with a slight delay at times, but my favorite is when you just wave at people walking by for no reason. You are very social with no stranger or separation anxiety (yet). You never cling to me, more frequently I find you running in the opposite direction, chasing another kid or cat - or just wandering aimlessly with no regard for safety or my nearness. Hilariously, your fearlessness does have one exception - the sprinkler. It totally freaks you out.
Your Dad has taken to hosting counseling sessions for you in which he tries to familiarize you with the sprinkler in a positive setting. It's funny.

Your personality is becoming more and more pronounced and you are definitively hilarious.
Your hair is your trademark and it fits perfectly with your spunk, humor and adorableness. Just last night you started shaking your head no for the first time, your crazy hair flying around while you lost your balance due to the vigorous head shaking. You are a constant source of funny in our family and we CAN'T WAIT for you to start expressing yourself in words so that we can find out what is going on in the crazy head of yours.


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