Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Orcas Part II

Shortly before she decided she hated her life jacket.

After she decided she MUST have the life jacket removed. Immediately. But seriously, isn't this so cute of Edie and Grandpa Culver?
Aaaah... touching mother daughter moment.
Grandma and Edie enjoying nature.
Feeding grapes to the island deer.
Edie went for a row.
She's doubtlessly shrieking at the deer, but the photo makes it look so peaceful.
Edie is SUPER into soccer balls right now. We pulled out Javi and Kathleen's
ball and she went to town.


Betsey said...

Goodness, that last shot is such a soccer photo pose! And I love the deer photo. Edie also appears to be half as long as Ken in their boat photo - long girl!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

so cute, you guys take great photos!

lindsey said...

Such a cute little sailor!